We are a Dutch family, living in Amsterdam, consisting of Mum Zoe, dad Olly, twin boys Jam & Jali (12) and their little brother Nui who just turned 4. Through our mutual passion of travelling and surfing, we strive to live the dream, if possible every day. During the journeys we have made, individually and as a family, we discovered blissful and happy times being in the water together, learning from the ocean, discovering nature, meeting new countries, new cultures and new people. Because we found so many amazing places around the world we thought this would be nice to share with others. Firstly, because it is just a nice thing to do, and secondly because as a surfing family we found how hard it can be finding the right spot with the right accommodation without having to search the internet for days. There is so much to choose from and yet so little focussed on just surfing families. So here we are!

Olly started surfing when he was 16 years old in the small and yes pretty cold Dutch waves. He loved every bit of it and started to travel around to find some warmer waters. This led to visiting some beautiful countries and riding some crazy and warm waves. His new found passion led to working for years in Surf camps in Europe. Besides his love for surf Olly has been a passionate musician all his life and became a well respected DJ in the surf scene. Nowadays he is also a Shiatsu and Ayurvedic massage therapist.

Jam and Jali started their surf adventure about 6 years ago in India where we were travelling around for a few months. They went to school in Varkala Kerala and learned at the age of 6 the beauty of travelling and surfing. When Nui was born we left for some months to discover Australia, Tasmania and Fiji, The places where Jam and Jali really learned to surf. About two years ago, during our holiday in France, a Dutch surf coach invited them in the National Surf Team, which they very much enjoy being part of!

Zoe has been teaching yoga since 2004 to both children and adults, besides being a mum. At some point she couldn’t stay behind and jumped on a surfboard too. Zoe has always loved the ocean and has been scuba diving for quite some years. While discovering the surface these days instead of the depth of the ocean, Discovering a new passion with her company “Children Of The Water” teaching self rescue swimming to toddlers and children all over the world .

Nui is loving life and is mostly tied to his surf & skateboard!