The Dock House


The Dock House

Children 0-5 for free!
Family run
Tropical gardens
  • Surrounded by ocean
  • Breathtaking ocean views
  • If it’s on, there is a break in front of the door
  • Just minutes from surf & sand
  • Natural Pools
  • Waterfalls

This amazing family home in Seixal – Porto Moniz Madeira was restored and adapted for holidays due to its wonderful location in the old Dock. With beaches all around the house, and a wave in front of the door. This is a magical location. This 19th century building based on an islet off the coast where we only came across through a wooden bridge was served as a warehouse for wine casks in the early days. Located on the magnificient north shore the islet undergone several transformations turning the dock of Seixal one of the most visited ones nowadays. The house arises from the recovery of the old building, from which the structure was kept, with respect for its surroundings and being incorporated a new floor in mezzanine which provided a unique modern architecture to the building, unlike the traditional typologies. With breathtaking views, a surf break in front of the door, waterfalls, loads of architecture,  natural pools and beaches all around, this surely is magical place to stay at with your family!


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